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Do you have a business computer that is running slow or having hardware issues? Before rushing off and buying a new device think of the much cheaper alternative of getting your old PC checked and repaired by the people at MDofPC, Doctor of Computers. We offer a free Pittsburgh Business Computer Repair Quote and diagnosis estimate for all computer and electronic devices with no commitment necessary. Just like a doctor we look at the easiest way to fix your problem without causing you any harm on your wallet! Our extremely knowledgeable and well trained staff will spend the time to look over the device. We provide an accurate diagnosis for repair along with our opinion if it’s worth repairing. Repairs are done at our location so you will not have to pay high shipping costs out of your wallet like some manufacturers may charge.

At MDofPC we know that a PC can be vital for an individual or business. We offer fast diagnostic and analysis and once you commit to getting your computer fixed we will make it our priority to getting your computer up and running as soon as possible, eliminating the stressful problem and giving our customers the peace of mind to carry on in their daily computing.

You wouldn’t go to a garbage man for your medical needs, so why take your business computer problems to amateurs? At MDofPC we offer the highest quality service in Pittsburgh business computer repair. Do not let the competitors fool you, if you are looking for professional care then come visit us! You will not be disappointed!