Business Computer Repair Services

Who We Are.

We specialize in Business Computer Repair and Web Designing.

We are a family owned Pittsburgh business computer repair and web design service company serving for more than 20 years. Our focus is solely on providing hassle free business class IT and website design services. Hence, we offer our services at really affordable prices because we find it more appealing to deliver high quality business services at competitive prices.

Specialize in business Computer Repair and Web Designing

MDofPC Doctor of Computers specializes in small business computer pc repair and website design in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding 20-mile radius. We offer affordable IT consulting services that they can use whenever they need them. We provide Pittsburgh computer repair pc service calls on the same day. Every day, we deal with virus and spyware problems! Providing quick, dependable solutions to a wide range of technology-related issues. We have over 30 years of experience and multiple certifications in wired and wireless networking, servers, workstations, desktops, and laptops, among other things. MDofPC is a Microsoft-certified family-owned business. We have hardware networking technicians who are A+. Contact our team to schedule an appointment.


What our clients say

“I couldn’t have asked for better service. They got back to me extremely fast, diagnosed our issue, and had us back up and running in no time. Thanks again! I’d definitely conduct business with him again! 5 Stars!!”

“This is the best place to get your computer fixed. The people are so knowledgeable and and their prices are reasonable. I highly recommend the shop to everyone”

“Great customer service, friendly and very professional. I have my own business & would highly recommend this place. Price was great & computer was fixed the same day. Thank you so much!!”

“He offers great advice and has fair prices. His house calls are expedient and reasonably priced. He fixed a problem with the drivers on my PC and had everything running perfectly in 40 minutes. I trust MDofPC Doctor with all my computer repair needs.”

“Fantastic work! He had my laptop ready the next day and even let me use his charging cord while he had mine in the shop. So friendly and helpful. Thank you!”

“Fast, professional and affordable. They cleaned my laptops fan, showed me the dirt blocking it and they installed new thermal plaque. Thank you guys!”

“I have bought many computers from MDofPC and will be buying more in the future. Jon backs his work and has a wide array of computers to select from. Every three years I buy a new one for myself and trade the old one in. Good deal.”

“We purchased a new Dell computer from MDofPC Doctor, he hooked it up for us, moved all of our files, printer, etc. within 2 hours we were back in business! This guy was polite, professional and worth his weight in gold!