Best Antivirus Software For Small Business

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Antivirus software is a crucial component of a company’s cybersecurity posture. For small businesses, choosing the right solution is essential because they might not have dedicated IT staff or large budgets for cybersecurity, yet they’re still attractive targets for cyber criminals.

Here are some of the best antivirus solutions for small businesses:

  1. Bit defender Gravity Zone Business Security
    • Features: Advanced threat protection, anti-phishing, anti-fraud, content control, and device management.
    • Pros: Easy to manage, excellent detection rates, and a wide range of security features.
  2. Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition
    • Features: Intrusion prevention, advanced threat protection, and mobile device protection.
    • Pros: Cloud-managed service means no on-site server hardware is required, and it offers a strong level of protection.
  3. Kaspersky Small Office Security
    • Features: File server and endpoint protection, password management, and backup tools.
    • Pros: Designed specifically for smaller businesses, making it user-friendly and straightforward.
  4. Avast Business Antivirus Pro
    • Features: Antivirus protection, behavioral analysis, and sandboxing.
    • Pros: Offers a range of protection tools and has a cloud management console for ease of use.
  5. Web root Secure Anywhere Business Endpoint Protection
    • Features: Cloud-based management, real-time threat intelligence, and identity protection.
    • Pros: Lightweight software, rapid scans, and high detection rates.
  6. ESET Endpoint Security
    • Features: Antivirus, antiphishing, and firewall protection. Also includes ransomware protection and botnet protection.
    • Pros: Low system impact and straightforward management.
  7. Sophos Intercept X for Business
    • Features: Endpoint detection and response, ransomware protection, and deep learning technology.
    • Pros: Offers a layered approach to protection and has an intuitive cloud-based management console.
  8. Mcafee Endpoint Security
    • Features: Threat prevention, firewall, and web control.
    • Pros: Offers integration with other McAfee products and has a strong reputation in the industry.

When choosing antivirus software for a small business:

  • Ease of Management: Consider solutions that offer centralized management, especially if the business does not have dedicated IT personnel.
  • Budget: Determine a budget beforehand and find a solution that offers the best protection within that range.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the antivirus is compatible with the operating systems and applications used within the business.
  • Performance Impact: Opt for solutions that provide robust protection without significantly slowing down system performance.

Remember, while antivirus software is a crucial component of cybersecurity, it’s just one layer. Small businesses should also consider other security measures such as firewalls, regular backups, employee training, and more to ensure comprehensive protection. Also, since the cybersecurity landscape is continually evolving, it’s wise to periodically review and reassess the antivirus and other security tools being used.

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