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At MDofPC Doctor of Computers, we don’t view ourselves as just another computer repair shop. We see ourselves as trusted technology advisors, empowering Pittsburgh small businesses to leverage IT to drive productivity, efficiency, and strategic advantages over competitors.

For over 20 years, companies have turned to us to optimize their technology investments. Why? We take a genuine interest in understanding their business goals first and then translating needs into tailored solutions that take performance and capabilities to new heights while respecting limited budgets.

We Build Lasting Partnerships

Our engagements don’t end once projects are delivered. We regularly check in to address questions, provide tune-ups, and ensure systems run optimally. We become seamlessly integrated extensions of client teams because company success translates to shared success.

In navigating constant technology changes together, these partnerships are cultivated based on earned trust and peace of mind. Our specialized expertise relieves clients of IT burdens, allowing them to focus energy where it belongs – serving their customers.

We Start by Listening

We dig deeper to uncover the underlying ambitions driving technology investments – whether enhancing customer experience, empowering mobile workflows, securing data privacy, or gaining competitive advantages.

Our consultation approach is based on respectful listening first, followed by translating needs into technical requirements. We only architect solutions incorporating the ideal mix of hardware, software, and services to achieve goals. The result is right-sized, cost-effective recommendations exceeding expectations.

We Speak Your Language

As fellow small business owners serving the Pittsburgh community for over 20 years, we inherently understand budget constraints and limited time and resources. Our advice balances optimization with practical affordability.

In outlining technology recommendations, we avoid confusing tech jargon and use easy-to-understand language. We want to ensure clients fully grasp the stakes, options, and expected outcomes before moving forward so decisions feel informed and at ease.

Most Common Customer Questions

Over the years assisting Pittsburgh small businesses, several questions have arisen more than others. It might be helpful to share some of the frequent topics customers ask. Please read on below:

How quickly can you respond when we experience technology problems?

With remote response capabilities, we often resolve minor software glitches, network hiccups, or other fundamental issues without clients even noticing disruptions. For hardware breakdowns or more complex priorities requiring onsite support, we dispatch technicians immediately and arrive within 4-8 hours during regular business hours. Faster 2-4-hour emergency response times are available for clients on active support contracts.

Your business data and systems should be more critical to stay down long from technology failures. We stand ready to get your operations restored quickly, day or night.

Will your pricing work with my limited budget?

We customize solutions tailored to each company’s budgetary realities after first understanding specific needs. Some clients require only periodic “break and fix” support, while others benefit from more proactive maintenance and project work. We accommodate both through hourly or monthly contracted rates.

Rest assured, our pricing aims to maximize value. We are invested in delivering results that propel your business forward without overstretching limited financial resources. Open communication ensures proper scope.

How can I trust you with our sensitive company information?

Earning client trust is the cornerstone of everything we do. Before engaging, references from long-time customers are gladly provided as reassurance. Once onboard, strict data privacy measures govern projects, granting access only on an explicitly need-to-know basis.

Ultimately, our success hinges entirely on positive client outcomes and our reputation, which has been built over decades. We cherish the partnerships developed with small businesses and treat confidential data with extreme care, discretion, and respect.

What happens if I’m not fully satisfied?

While every situation brings unique circumstances, our goal with each engagement is complete satisfaction through delivered solutions plus responsive, ongoing support. If, for some reason, expectations are not met, just let us know, and we will work diligently to make things 100% right to your standards, whatever it takes.

We stand behind our expertise to solve technology problems, big and small. However, as no one is perfect, if we fall short of the mark in any way, say the word, and we will double down on efforts to exceed your standards until smiling faces prevail!

How can you help us modernize outdated technology systems?

First, we schedule discovery sessions to understand your current setup – servers, software, endpoints, etc. We assess areas causing frustration and then discuss goals, ideal workflows, and budget. Finally, we outline methodical modernization options, including cloud migrations, new devices, application improvements, etc., tailored specifically to your situation.

The process aims to phase enhancements over time, minimizing disruption and costs while leveraging existing infrastructure as appropriate. Our ultimate target is boosted efficiency, security, and performance across the technology systems empowering your business. We guide thoughtful evolution there.

I don’t know which technology investments to make. Help!

No worries; that’s precisely why companies turn to us as trusted technology advisors! We start by learning key business goals, challenges, and budget realities. With that insight, we translate needs into tailored solutions – new servers to bolster capabilities, faster internet to aid customers, mobile devices to untether remote workers, etc.

Our recommendations help manage costs and complexity while leveraging IT to create meaningful efficiency advantages over competitors. As your partner on the technology journey, we ensure investments deliver true ROI starting day one.

Can you get broken computers fixed or replaced quickly?

When hardware failures interrupt operations, business productivity hinges on swift response. We accurately diagnose problems and then outline options – replacement parts vs. new devices, temporary rentals if repairs exceed 48 hours, backup workflows to mitigate downtime, etc.

For efficient repairs, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of common replacement parts like memory, storage, batteries, etc. This allows cost-effective fixes with minimal delays. When new purchases make sense long-term, our supply channels facilitate prompt delivery so you can resume entire operations ASAP. Keeping your technology infrastructure running smoothly minimizes business disruption.

What should I do if I suspect our systems were hacked?

If you witness suspicious activity, unexplained errors, or have other cyberattack concerns, take three immediate steps:

  1. Isolate affected devices by disconnecting from wired and wireless networks to avoid potential spreading.
  2. Contact us right away explaining observations so we can initiate response protocols ASAP.
  3. Avoid manipulating or overly investigating issues to prevent accidental evidence loss before our forensic examination.

With threats contained, our technicians dig into root causes, eliminate residual risks, restore data and services, and then overhaul security to prevent repeat infiltration. The sooner we’re engaged, the better protection we can provide your business. Delayed response risks extended attacks and more significant impacts. Please call anytime suspicious activity arises!

How can we avoid computer problems and keep systems in optimal health?

Many headaches can be avoided by incorporating basic preventative maintenance practices:

  • Keep equipment in climate-controlled spaces, away from dirt/dust/moisture accumulation
  • Periodically open cases to clean out intake/exhaust vents and fans
  • Install critical software updates, patches, and available firmware upgrades
  • Refrain from using outdated operating systems no longer supported
  • Schedule periodic tune-ups like disk/registry cleanups and memory optimizations
  • Backup data regularly in case corruption/failures require restoration
  • Monitor capacity limits proactively – storage, RAM, battery cycles, etc.

An ounce of prevention saves pounds in cure-all repairs down the road! Our managed IT clients benefit from routine maintenance intrinsically handled behind the scenes.

What makes MDofPC different from big box retailers and other IT companies?

Our specialization in affordable solutions tailored specifically for small 1-10-person companies with up to 50 employees in Pittsburgh small businesses sets us apart. Our pricing, response times, customized recommendations, and ongoing support also outshine competitors. Our 20+ years of experience resolving technology issues cannot be replicated.

We live and breathe the realities of small business ecosystems. This intrinsic perspective shapes the delivery of the exact solutions meeting limited budget and resource capabilities. Coupling that context with personalized services, every request is enough for our technicians. We handle everything technology so our customers can return to what matters most – sustaining and expanding their businesses.

Ready to Discuss Your Technology Needs?

If reviewing our most common customer questions sparks additional topics you want to explore further, please reach out! We look forward to assessing your current IT infrastructure, goals, frustrations, and budget to architect reliability-driven technology solutions that empower your business now and into the future.

Contact us today at 412-680-1134 or email us at [email protected] to get started with your free consultation. Our mission is to help Pittsburgh businesses leverage technology securely, affordably, and strategically. Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals!

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