MDofPC Launches New Program of Data Destruction Service Helping Businesses in Technical Challenges

MDofPC offers website design and computer repairing programmed run by the Pittsburgh family serving for more than 20 years. MDofPC business practice incorporates onsite data destructionservices and recycling of IT computers. MDofPC focuses on provision of business professionals and marketers with awareness of new programs for their businesses. MDofPC provides clients with reliable solutions to technical glitches.

Coraopolis, PA (June 06, 2022) – MDofPC Doctor of Computers, the company provides its service in the U.S.A and tries to make the environment more sustainable. Data destruction service of MDofPC also incorporates the destruction of old hard drives, and storage media, to protect any business of the organization from fraud and theft. The company is owned by Pittsburg business computer repair services. It has nearly 20 years of experience in this field of business. The trained and specialized team is always there to help the business professionals to manage all business and technical challenges at their workplace. The customers are satisfied with data destruction services as they get it at affordable rates when compared to other companies in this business. The main motive is to provide the marketers and working professionals with prime quality business-level services at competitive costs. Various programs have also been arranged by the company both offline and online to spread awareness’s of new programs for their business strategies.

Data destruction services and computer recycling have become the law in many cities in order to protect business big data and company assets. The method MDofPC use in data destruction services incorporates overwriting, physical destruction, and degaussing of the media. Here the process of overwriting old data is being covered with new information with the help of software that writes random data strings over the hard drive surface. The degaussing process uses a powerful electromagnet, a degausser. It removes the data from the storage media’s magnetic field making the data unrecoverable. The physical destruction process of data destruction service deals with destroying data from the hard drives and other storage so that it cannot be used again. The experienced and trained team of the company mainly uses a crusher or shredder during this process.

The clients will be benefited from several problems of data destruction services if overwriting, degaussing, and physical destruction methods are used. The major advantages are when data is destroyed by the methods they are deleted permanently and cannot be recovered again.

The organization provide their clients with data destruction services to several private and government agencies in the U.S.A and has the majority of clients from small businesses. MdofPc is about more than 10 years of experience in this business practice in the USA.

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MDofPC, Doctors of Computer, provide web designing and computer repair services. The company objectives and long-term goal are to provide the clients with hassle-free business class web designing, data destruction services, and Information Technology services across the nation, U.S.A. The company also has the certifications of CompTIA A+ and Microsoft certified systems administrator to create awareness of new programs for businesses. Please visit the website:, for additional information on the company’s services and pricing strategies.

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