Remote Computer Technical Support Service

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Remote Computer Technical Support Service

We are the number one provider of remote computer support service. We provide technical assistance for all computer related problem as well as networking issue. We also support all important MS-OS and productivity applications which include MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, MS Publisher, MS Works, MS Window Media Player as well as MS-Office Application. Our Remote Computer Technical Support Services Include:

Computer Tune-Up Services

This is our renowned remote computer support services. In due course your personal computer will begin to run slower due to the fact that setup more and more program and application. The most excellent way to bring back the accuracy of your computer is to have a physical tune-up where we get rid of junk programs, clear out not needed files on hard drive, as well as optimize the start-up items. We will also help you know how to maintain your PC moving forward to, therefore issues don’t reoccur on a frequent basis.

Peripheral Issues

Peripheral device is the countless devices you could attach to your PC. This takes account of USB devices, printers, cameras, mouse and many more. While these devices are intended to be attach and play which isn’t always the case. Most time, a device will need a bit of finesse to get it well working with your PC. We could get your tool work well so you do not waste your useful time troubleshooting. Computer Virus Removal Computer virus is a reality for users although you have bought reliable and efficient anti-virus software like McAfee and Symantec. Due to the fact that malware and viruses are classier they could bypass lots of anti-virus products at this point in time. Our virus removal services is performed remotely by our specialists and we do not just sell you junk software or program which claims to get rid of your computer virus. With us, we don’t have software to sell, only remarkable and great service.

PC Tune UP

Make your PC run like it is bran new once again. We also provide Free Diagnostics. Like stated above, we don’t software to trade you, no monthly costs, no commitments and you do not pay till your PC s fixed or repaired. No gimmicks and no frills. Our remoter computer technical support is done by professionals and supported by a money back assurance. You can visit our website to get to know more our computer repair services.

Why Choose MDofPC for Remote Computer Technical Repair?

We are reliable and honest computer technical support service providers that specialize in laptop, PC, computer repair in Pittsburg. We are capable to giving remote computer technical support for computer repairs, online virus removal as well as software updates all these can be done right at the comfort of your own home.

  • Free Consultation as well as Free Diagnostics
  • Remote computer support permits you to get PC help at home
  • Repair online
  • Saves time and pressure

For a reliable remote computer technical service don’t hesitate to call us at 412-680-1134. We are always ready to lend a hand.

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